Hay day Cheats

Hay day Cheats

With this article, “Hay Day 6 cheats that you need to know” you will discover how to move forward in this awesome farming game without spending real money or too many virtual coins.

hay day cheats

Discover Hay day: 6 tips that you absolutely need to know

As I said in the article “How to expand farm Hay Day without spending real money” you earn expansions using the increasingly popular model of information app purchases that allow users to spend real money to buy upgrades in the game, but we’ll 6 tips that we absolutely need to know to get ahead in the game without paying a dime.

The game Hay Day is to rehabilitate a farm that has seen better days. It is sown crop, livestock is bred (from cows to sheep, from chickens to pigs and much more) is disbosca the ground, but most orders are completed various local businesses to grow and make a good profit.
Every time you level up you unlock new machines but also new cattle and various decorations for your farm, as well as new types of seed!

As with other games, you can grow quickly using the diamonds available and especially buy more with your Euro, but the purpose of this article is to give you the 6 tips you need to know absolutely to be able to grow without using real money!

Hay Day: 6 tips you need to know absolutely:

1. Never run out of seeds

Your seeds are contained in the silo Hay Day, seminal always so consistently double your harvest.

The game will often try to use all your seeds to conclude an order at a good profit, but be careful, if you run out of seeds to complete an order, then you will need to buy new ones and probably your gain would become a loss.

Then plant the seeds and always be sure to keep enough on hand and create new ones in order to complete your orders.
More than you grow your farm and more seeds will be using, for example, you will need to constantly produce feed for your cattle; To this end you should always have a good supply of wheat, corn, soybeans and carrots.

Discover Hay day: 6 tips that you absolutely need to know

Hay Day: 6 tips you need to know absolutely:

2. Sowing crops or buildings long lens so that lavornino during the night or while you’re busy at work or school

Some cultures take only a few minutes such as wheat, corn and carrots that take less than ten minutes. Others, such as pumpkins and indigo take hours to grow. So make sure to plant the crops before you go to sleep or when you know you’ll be busy with work or school for a few hours; in this way everything will be ready when you come back and you can use what you need.

Of course, the same rule applies for livestock and products that you have put into production. Some of them in fact take hours to complete, so be sure to begin production before going to bed, so when you wake up the next day you’re all set!

Hay Day: 6 tips you need to know absolutely:

3. Do not bother with visitors

Visitors to your farm they want to buy your products, but typically pay less than what you earn from the stall and hard to get premiums from selling them. So do not be afraid to say no, do not be offended and will come back again with their strange requests!

The only exception is that you can do when you have a large excess of material and then you can sell the product required reaching ottendere also rosettes that the farm will be the achievement of various objectives.

This brings me to my next tip …

See all 6 tips you need to know absolutely!

Hay Day: 6 tips you need to know absolutely:

4. Use your stand to increase revenue

Rather than sell goods to visitors in the game, sell to your friends and followers who play at Hay Day. You can also check your newspaper to see what they put on sale the other players and, why not follow their example. the council in the council is to sell at a 10% less than the maximum price, in this way the product is sold immediately. This recommendation applies to all materials that are looking for such as axes or screws, in this case maximizes your sales, however, will go like hot cakes!

Discover Hay day: 6 tips that you absolutely need to know

Hay Day: 6 tips you need to know absolutely:

5. Do not be afraid to say no to orders

On your wall accumulate orders from nearby businesses who need your product; ‘ll shops, salons, schools, churches and more that you ask the most absurd things. Often, however, require too much time or too many products used to produce than the income that you have, or you may also not have the equipment or livestock to carry out the order. Do not be so afraid of trashing the order, after a few minutes it will be replaced by a new order!

Hay Day: 6 tips you need to know absolutely:

6 .Bilancia money with experience

Your orders can make you earn both various coins experience points (indicated by a star-shaped figure). You should not stretch out more for one than the other, but try to maximize the gain in both cases. It may be worthwhile to carry out an order that provides less money but more experience and this will serve to help you level up faster.

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