Hay day Android

Undoubtedly, the Android version of the famous game Hay Day is one of the most used, is why many are looking tricks Android Hay Day, so this time they will name a few.

Hay day cheats

Hay day is a strategy game in which we succeed in creating and maintaining our own farm from your mobile device, taking care of farm animals, as well as plantations have different foods that we sell to other farmers and consumers.

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Hay day Android

In this game there Day creators offer their users the ability to move quickly on it, can enlarge the size of a farm and improve production with new barns, new seed species and even different types of animals, with only buy credits with real money, which many prefer not to use because the mystique of the game is lost, which is why those who prefer not to spend real money we recommend this series of tricks to the game There Day.

Getting diamond is quite useful to get those most foreign objects, such as horses and various species plantations tend to pay very well in the store where we usually sell food produced on the farm. That is why we have to resort to different ways to get diamonds that currently exist within the game There Day.

An easy way to get diamonds is to plant wheat and cover all the land available, then completely collect all the wheat that results, and finally the game will give us an expensive item every two minutes (the time it takes to wheat grow), many times there Day used to give diamonds as compensation for our investment.


The Facebook connect through our iPhone app from Day there will give us the possibility of five diamond, something that will help us to truly move forward in this game.

We may also participate in competitions organized at the official Facebook page There Day where we can obtain rare items and many diamonds very quickly.

Exploring the game scenario there Day with our iPhone we will be much help, because in this game there are many hidden objects in each of the locations on the map, so users are recommended to check the areas near his farm to get that way hidden objects that will help in the production of their goods, such as diamonds, tools, seeds and other items normally sold at an extremely high cost for the average user.

It is recommended not to sell the tools you have available to put it that way can achieve better performance in their production, as they are completely necessary for the normal development of product development and expansion of the farm.

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