Buying The PlayStation 3 Or PlayStation 4

Buying The PlayStation 3 Or PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 3, 4 are the two main guns in Sony’s arsenal. In all likelihood, you can’t afford both of these systems. It is probable that you’re going to have to choose between the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4.

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When it comes to choosing between the PlayStation 3, 4, you want to weigh a number of factors. You want to ask yourself a number of questions.


If you’re going to choose between the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, but it’s been a little while since the last time you’ve purchased a gaming system, it wouldn’t hurt to at least learn a little bit about each of the systems beforehand. This will make it easier to decide which system is right for you.


PlayStation 3 Or PlayStation 4

Although the PlayStation 4 is part of the eighth generation of consoles, and is therefore amongst the new systems being offered by the major companies, that doesn’t automatically mean you want to choose the PS4 over the PS3.


When comparing the PS4 to the PS3, it’s interesting to note that the PS3 actually scores as a better media machine than the PS4 with a number of consumers and journalists. While this isn’t the definitive component to a conversation about the PlayStation 3, 4, it is something that’s worth keeping in mind.

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In terms of specs and controllers, most seem to agree that the PlayStation 4 wins out over its older sibling. It is also interesting to note that the PlayStation 3 has a much deeper library of games you can purchase in a physical form, and games you can purchase from the PlayStation Network with your PlayStation Plus membership. However, this is something that is likely to change in the PlayStation 4’s favor as time goes on.


These are a few things to keep in mind, in terms of choosing between the PlayStation 3, 4. You will certainly want to research the subject a little further, learning as much about the particulars of each system as you go.


As you research these systems in further detail, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions along the way.


PS4 Or PS3 Shopping

As you’re choosing between the PS3 and the PS4, there are a number of questions that you can ask yourself:

  • Do you want a huge library of PlayStation games now, or are you willing to wait a little while for the PS4 to catch up. It’s clear that the system is already doing this, but for now, the PS3 has considerably more in the way of online and hard copy games.
  • How much are you going to use your PS4 as a media player? This point was mentioned a few paragraphs above. While The PS4 does offer a lot of the same features, the PS3 has a better Blu-ray player, and more ways to enjoy your media overall.
  • How important is price to you? Between the PlayStation 3, 4, the PS3 is obviously much cheaper.
  • Do you need the latest games, or is this not a particularly significant issue for you?

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