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Boom Beach hack

As you may know the gems are very hard to get in this game. Boom Beach hack is the most advanced hack that will allow you to get the gems that you want, for free. This gems can be used to upgrade your clan buildings, to buy safety and many other great things. Boom Beach hack can be used even if you have a new account in the game, and you have no experience in playing the game, you will find out that without gems in Boom Beach you are nothing. You will not have the power to beat with other clans, and you will get your clan destroyed every time you get attacked by other clans. The Boom Beach hack will help you to prevent that, by giving you unlimited gems you will be able to create troops , ships and other great futures from the game.

Boom Beach Hack

The Boom Beach hack , was initially created to help people who don’t have money to fight with the people who have enough money to get as many gems as they want. That why we share this program for free, but after few weeks of development , we found that our Boom Beach hack was leaked on many websites. After we sow that our hack got so popular and got leaked on that many websites, we’ve patched that version , we blocked it from our server, and after many hours of codding we’ve release the boom beach hack version 2, in this version there won’t be problems that our boom beach cheat will get leaked on other website, because we’ve added a safety measure that will make the hack to work only if is downloaded from our links. If you download it from other websites the boom beach hack tool will give you an error that you are not authorized to use the program, and you will be asked to verify your download source, and been redirected to our website to download the real program.

Boom Beach Cheat

This is a safety method that we are 100% sure that will prevent our boom beach cheat to get patched. I’ve sow many times programs getting patched because got to popular. We fixed this problem with this safety measure . I know that is not fair to make this available only on our website , but when you think like a developer like us, who spend many weeks to code the ultimate hack, and got leaked on other websites and they try to cheat you to make you pay for it, is not fair. That why the program is still under development, on our website you will find that we have an online version of the hack, we call it Boom beach online hack, with this future you will be able to do the same thing as you will do with our Boom Beach cheat, you will be able to add unlimited gems, it will find your operating system and many other great things.


The online Boom beach cheat, works with a brand new technology , who use our servers to add your gems in the game. In that way the gems are added directly on the game servers, so the game won’t change on your device, you will need just to close the game than open it again, when you will use our online Boom beach cheat, you will be asked for the email that you use to backup your game, for android users is the gmail mail that you’ve entered in the google play for the iOS users is the email that you used in the App Store!



Boom Beach gameplay


All right sparks, now I will introduce you a little bit in Boom Beach gameplay, where I will try to describe as best as possible the rules or maybe you will be interested about the troops or even enemies.


So, to make it clear I will try first to structure this chapter in few big lines and fore sure I will present all of this each one apart. I will strat to make it clear and comprehension.


Troops, oponents, army, weapons, buildings, resoruces, enhancements.

Boom Beach Cheat

Troops, oponents or building are few of big lines that I will show you here and I will explain it for you. So, talking about troops I will tell you that this are for splitet in 2 types. First of it is Troops like: Rifleman, Zooka, Tank, Medic, Grendier, Scorcher, Heavy or Warrior. The second category is Gunboat Weaponry wich is splited in Flare, Shock Bomb, Barrage, Artilery or Smoke Scrren.
Rifleman is the first type of troop that you will find in Boom Beach game. This are unlocked when the game is started. This Kind of troops are the best, having a great average of HP, damage or attack range. The best part at this troops are that they request at least the smallest space in Landing Craft.


Resources, is the most emotional thing of the game, you know what I am saying? I am saying this because this are the currency that you will use to purchase what you need in Boom Beach. So, if you need to build troops, you will need elixir and gold. If you want a house, you will need some rocks and wood. This is how the game work. The most important resources are the gold, wood, stone, iron and diamonds. In the next lines I will try to exemplify how each one of this makes.


GOLD, is the main resource that you can use and handle in this game. You will have acces to collect this type of resources. This resource is produced in the residence of your clans. This resource is used generaly for offensive parts such as achieving troops or upgrading them.


WOOD is the first resource available in this game and it is produced by Sawmill wich is unlocked at the beginning of the games. This resources is great to use for buildings and for theier upgrade.

Boom Beach gems hack

STONE is a powerfull resource wich will be unlocked at Headquarters in level 6 of Boom Beach. Forproducing this resource you will neead a Quarry unlocked at level number 7, this one can also be used for buildings, same as wood.


IRON is a resource unlocked at level number 9 and is produced by an Iron Mine unlocked at level 10. Iron can be used along with Stone and Wood to build or upgrade buildings.


DIAMONDS are premium resources and is workind like a currency wich you can buy other resources or skip timers. Diamonds will never be required to progress in the Boom Beach.


Boom beach features.


The boom beach community always wanted different features that are not found in games like hay day or clash of clans .The users already proposed suppercell of adding some great features that will improve the game. This is the main reason why suppercel games are so popular . The fact that they consult with the players made them the number one company in mobile games world.


One of the main list of new features for boom beach includes more builders , walls with barbed wire , national flags and even resource trading or donating for the players that want to make teams.

In the latest upgrade boom beach team improved the visual style of the game with 3d graphics for troops and buildings. The texture and the effects used in the game where improved also and the presence of new soldiers , male one’s it’s an addition to boom beach.


Resources base are now hidden in the clouds to make the game more mysterious for the users. Also they introduced new languages in the game to make it more attractive for international players.


The features that boom beach brings to the users includes a large variety of troops like Rifleman , Heavy, zooka , tank, medic, grenadier, or scorcher.

Rifleman are basic units ,cheapest one also in the game , if the numbers are large enough they can be unstoppable in the game.


The heavy are more powerfull then the rifleman , as they can absorb more hits and they can keep attacking the target assigned by the player.

The zooka are perfect for devastating the enemy base from a long distance but it’s dangerous to let them near the enemy fire , as their resistance it’s not that strong.

Tanks are the perfect war machine in boom beach. With the armor so powerful tanks needs extra energy to be deployed. The perfect strategy when using this war machines is to use them to cover your rest of the army. The mines can destroy the tanks easy . In the latest release they increased the health of the buildings and troops so wont be necessary to spend all the money on the gems. The main feature that exists in boom beach it’s the in build system that users uses to buy gems for their needs. It’s integrated with all types of phone and you can pay with every credit card that exists in the market. The game it’s build to be played by millions of players around the world so competition wont be a problem to find or have. You fight with all kind of players or different levels and skills. This is the main reason that suppercel developed this game. They wanted to be different from clash and hay day and the features included doesn’t look like the one’s we have in the other games. Attacking hundred of islands provides the users the perfect war experience combining the attack with the defense of your own base in front of enemies attacks.


Boom Beach Cheat

Boom Beach Hack

Boom Beach iOS Hack

Boom Beach Android Hack

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