Clash of Clans hack

Clash of Clans hack

Clash of clans hack it’s the latest tool developed for clash of clans. Clash of clans hack allows the player to access resources that otherwise the user has to pay for them.

Clash of clans was voted the most addicted game in the mobile world. Launched in 2013 by suppercel , the game growth to the success of today because of the millions of players that download it across the world. On the request of our fans , the programmers team developed an algorithm that it’s integrated in the clash of clans hack sdk . The algorithm allows you to access the resources file that it’s similar for every player and modify the values in it to be able to have all the resources that you want.


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The main feature of clash of clans cheat tool it’s the power to generate gems. Gems are the most precious resource on clash of clans . Even if the game it’s totally free , the developers build an in-app purchase system so the players can buy the resources for some decent amounts of money. Usually the users get free gems after some time in the game but this is not enough . It would required like years of gaming to satisfy the request of gems for the players. SO the people that want free gems as other resources they need to try our clash of clans hack. The hack it’s also published online so the users can use it without downloading additional software .Our software has implemented proxy support so the algorithm won’t be detected when will give you resources. The program it’s build by true clash of clans fans , and it’s coded in visual c++ to be compatible with all versions of android and ios. Also the online hack it’s compatible with linux , osx and windows. Our success was confirmed by over 1 milion of happy players that uses our cheat tool to generate gems and other resources for their game. The top players spend almost 50 k per month to remain in their position. Clash of clans has evolved in more then a game. This is pure war . The game requires a decent strategy to be on the top. You have to train your skills for both attack and defense. You can’t go on a single route. You have to specialize in the both directions to become one of the best clash of clans players. The best players in clash of clans has developed strategic skills that allows them to save a lot of money . But if you want to reach this level of success you have to spend tons of time in playing clash. The main shortcut for reaching this level of experience it’s to use our clash of clans cheat tool. This will allow you to access the necessary resources to be able to play without any stress.

All right mates, in next chapter I will write you about Clash of Clans hack wiki. I will try to describe as much as possible but also as elementary as possible tricks or reviews about following problems: Defense, army, resources, troops or strategy guides.

Firs of all I would like to start with something about troops. This one are used for starting initial wars in this game. This are the most important part of the game because this are used to conquer the other players base champs. Also, this get you trophies, elixir, and a lot of gold. Here, in Clash of Clans hack game this type of war is named raiding.

The troops, are trained and created in special houses named barracks, and after they can sleep or eat or make theier lifes in Army Camps. Normal teems are separated by theier level, curnetly are almost sixteen types of normal one, ten of troops that require elixir. There are also six troops that require dark elixir for being alive and this are trained in dark barracks. As well there are 2 types of hero troops.

The great part at troops is that at one moment this troops graphic can be upgraded for free and also if you pay. At this stage you can also to upgrade to elixir troops or dark elixir troops.

Tier 1 troop are barbarian, archer and goblin. This are really quick training troops, and are cheap to to buy. This troops have also a low level of hitpoints but they don’t make too much damage. This type of army perform only by quantity. So if you have more trained army you have more chances to win a battle.

Tier 2 army are a little bit better than tier one. Here you have 4 types of troops wich include this one: Giant, Wall breaker, Baloon, Wizard. This one are not same strong as tier 3 and not weak as tier 1. This army are more specialized in wall breakers wich let you distry walls or wizards. Baloons are a type of army that is flying over the walls and send some bombs directly to opponent base camp.

Tier 3 includes Healer, PEKKA and Dragons. This are really the strongest troops regarding their resistence. And defense mode. This are the most expensive to train troops of the game but are the lowest vulnerable troops.

Dark Elixir troops wich include minions, hog rider, Valkyrie, golem, witch, lava hound was introduced to clash of clans games in marc 2013 update. The problems at this troops is that are extremely expensive and they can be trained only in dark barracks.

Heroes troops defintly are the best and the most powerfull army in this game. This are immortal and the great thing is that you will train them only 1 time.

The resources represent the amount of currency that is used in the game to purchase things or upgrades. The game has different resources such as gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems.

Gold is the most used resource and the most well generated resource. It is produced by gold mines. This are stored in gold storges, storages that can be upgraded when you want, but you have to pay for it with elixir.

The elixir is the resource that you will get very hard. I mean that you have to reach different levels or maybe you can pay for it. When you collect more elixir, you can store it in elixir storages. Elixir level is showed at the same position with gold in the top right side of the screen.

Dar elixir is collected by dark elixir drills, and is stored in storages with same name. Also in the top right screen are showed the amount of this type.

Gems are the parts that you will get very hard. You win small quantities of gems after upgrading to different levels or you can make in-app purchase. There are also many ways to get gems, but you will get lower amount than buying.


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Boom Beach hack – Boom Beach Cheat

Boom Beach hack – Boom Beach Cheat

Boom Beach hack

As you may know the gems are very hard to get in this game. Boom Beach hack is the most advanced hack that will allow you to get the gems that you want, for free. This gems can be used to upgrade your clan buildings, to buy safety and many other great things. Boom Beach hack can be used even if you have a new account in the game, and you have no experience in playing the game, you will find out that without gems in Boom Beach you are nothing. You will not have the power to beat with other clans, and you will get your clan destroyed every time you get attacked by other clans. The Boom Beach hack will help you to prevent that, by giving you unlimited gems you will be able to create troops , ships and other great futures from the game.

Boom Beach Hack

The Boom Beach hack , was initially created to help people who don’t have money to fight with the people who have enough money to get as many gems as they want. That why we share this program for free, but after few weeks of development , we found that our Boom Beach hack was leaked on many websites. After we sow that our hack got so popular and got leaked on that many websites, we’ve patched that version , we blocked it from our server, and after many hours of codding we’ve release the boom beach hack version 2, in this version there won’t be problems that our boom beach cheat will get leaked on other website, because we’ve added a safety measure that will make the hack to work only if is downloaded from our links. If you download it from other websites the boom beach hack tool will give you an error that you are not authorized to use the program, and you will be asked to verify your download source, and been redirected to our website to download the real program.

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